About us

Everyday, we flourish our savoir-faire and share our passion for traditional French breads, viennoiseries, pastries and chocolates, with the lovely people of Toronto.

We take pride in our food quality and work hard to ensure that every bite you take is just as heavenly pleasing as the next.

Bou.lan.ge.rie – French for Bakery • Mou.Lin – French for Mill • Bo.Mou – Bon Baguette

We aim to offer an authentic Parisienne experience, rivaling the famous boulangeries-patisseries of France.

Bomou’s specials baked fresh every morning

Negar’s elaborate viennoiseries and chocolates at Bomou Bakery are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Taught by her mother at their kitchen table since she was 4 years old, Negar took on the role of the family chef. Her childhood was mostly spent in their kitchen. This is where she first fell in love with baking.

Moving to Canada, she began to focus on pastry and worked on broadening her baking techniques at George Brown College in Toronto. She exercised her creativity and began developing sumptuous French pastries that drew the attention of her peers and food lovers.

Later moving to Yssingeaux in France to broaden her skills of French pastry making at ENSP college. She tends to use the finest natural ingredients, local whenever possible, with the passion of carrying the flavours of her childhood.

Her goal at Bomou is to convey feelings through her elegant desserts, spectacular baguettes, and mouth-watering chocolates.

“I want you to understand what makes me smile every time I eat desserts.”

Attention to Every Detail

Freshly House Made Goods

Traditional French Recipes

Influenced by Iranian Cuisine

Hand-selected Grains

Sustainable Chocolates

Made with Passion